Cox helicopter came to take pictures! |

Cox helicopter came to take pictures!

Selaphi and video to open the door to leaving the accident ‘S2-AIB, R-66’ Shakib Al Hasan to carry the name of the helicopter. This Ukhiya Cox said police officer (OC) Abul Khair.

OC Shafiul Islam, citing the injured pilot, helicopter pilot Shakib Al Hasan inanite ignore the way back down the helicopter, killing Shah Alam and others had opened the door, pictures and videos began. In the meantime, the wind taratamye helicopter crashed in off-balance.

Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Malek Mia Ukhiya, the helicopter has crashed in Ukhiya police custody. Meghna Aviation helicopter crashed on Saturday morning, people are likely to arrive. The cause of the accident was not immediately known.

Meanwhile, in the world of cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan Inani Hotel Sea Perl him the spot on the basis of such information could not be found. The hotel’s general manager, said Deepak Paul, the hotel was not booked a room. Shakib came to the hotel around 1 pm the afternoon. Breakfast was watched him leave to recover from Teknaf to divulge.

The Bangladesh cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan Inani Friday morning on his way down to the mouth of the canal district rezu Ukhiya helicopter. The Shah Alam (35) A man has been killed. He was an officer in the eagle’s advertising agency, he said. Pailatasaha 4 people were injured in the accident.

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