Decreasing prices in the capital of chili |

Decreasing prices in the capital of chili

In the meantime, the price of chili ahead of Eid fell Rs 100 kg. If the information is available in the retail market on Saturday.

According to vendors, outside the capital before Eid trucks could not enter the open market from 50 300 kg were sold at chili. The trucks entered the capital after Eid said that vendors have started to decline in the prices of chili.

Saturday morning market Malibagh, Basabo market and some markets in the old city is visited, the lowest per kg from 140 rupees to 160 rupees bajarabhede chili is being sold.

According to vendors, one in the morning they reach (5 kg) purchased around 700 to 800 rupees. But on Friday purchased alone to pepper scale of 1 to 00 thousand rupees.

One customer said Malibag raw markets, a few days before Eid chili is 300 kg. Increase in prices due to the demand of chili sacrifice vendors accused of multiple customers.

According to the wholesale market, the price of pepper in a few days may be a more tolerable level.

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