Bahraini Prime Minister took the gifts to the poor boatmen |

Bahraini Prime Minister took the gifts to the poor boatmen

Majhi, a resident of the state of Orissa in India, what to think about the treasure? In August the bodies of his wife’s shoulder, he was 10 kilometers across the headlines. Delete the eyes and walked beside her daughter. On that day, 60 kilometers from the state handira hospital with his wife to go home late, he could not arrange any vehicle. Anurodheo hospital has a lot of cars.

After a walk of about ten kilometers on the shoulders of the corpse of one of the local TV channel reporter saw him. He got a call from the District Collector Car anabara arranged. Boatman’s wealth again in the news.

Her plight Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isaiah may have read the news in the newspaper Al-Khalifa. Majhi decided to extend a helping hand to the treasure Calif. Bahrain’s embassy in New Delhi to reach nearly 9 lakh check. On Thursday, New Delhi had turned down his first plane in the Czech Waterman treasure.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Bahrain has helped. Orissa has some money in his hand directing. Help came from the local administration. Bhubaneswar, the capital of indigenous children to study at an educational institution taking responsibility for his life and three daughters. The girls’ school, he enrolled at the Delhi fly. He was wearing a blue checked the time to take a lower and an old shirt. Shoulder towel.

Bahrain Embassy media Show wealth Waterman blue check. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the writing checks worth 8,87,949 ankata.

Majhi told media treasure, long-term bank deposits as he left the money will go to pay for his daughters study. Majhi wealth of his daughters to the police or a doctor.

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