You understand that 10 cancer symptoms |

You understand that 10 cancer symptoms

Indeed, fatal disease of cancer. If the cancer can be identified at the right time, and then match up the appropriate treatment of cancer can be defeated if the benefits. Need for awareness of cancer symptoms.

Need for awareness of cancer symptoms. Some physical changes are predicted cancer? Let us assume that some laksana

1. If there was a lump under the skin of any meat: it can be easily understood. If any part of the body by touching with the hand feels stiff lump of flesh, then approached the doctor immediately.

Breast, testicles, neck, abdomen, or in places such as armpits need to keep an eye on.

2. If any part of the body becomes red, swollen and itching occurs: a part of the cancer usually occurs in the part of the body’s normal response to the vaccine increases the circulation of blood. Naturally, part of that may be red and swollen, and there may be itching.

3. If any part of the body does not heal a wound or a wound: For a long time, if not for any sores or lesions in Surrey, you must go to the doctor.

4. If it occurs in the mouth of a white mukhaoyala: jbiha, the inner part of the mouth, gums, or if there is a whole, and its face is white, then go to the doctor without delay.

5. Suddenly hungry, go to: the impact of cancer in the body decreases niutriyentasa. Consequently decreases appetite.

6. A sudden change in bowel habits or blood in the stool.

7. No change in urination habits: If the urine color, or smell any noticeable change in the amount, or blood in the urine occurs, then it may be a sign of cancer.

8. Bleeding explanation: from any part of the body (such as the vagina or the nipple) If you suddenly started bleeding charaai no obvious reason, it is sensible to take the doctor’s advice.

9. The sudden change of voice.

10. Continuous cough: cough over two weeks in a row, but neck, lung, esophagus, stomach cancer symptoms can be even.

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