Apu Biswas talk with reporters! |

Apu Biswas talk with reporters!

Apu Biswas opened the mouth of the heroine. Bangladesh on Saturday, a day ‘match inquiry Apu, Shakib Secrets “is the title of a news published. That’s great news created a stir among readers from all walks of jagatsaha film. To say the storm in a teacup. The shaken faith APU waves crash into the courtyard.

7 minutes 11 o’clock on Sunday morning. Another eight-ten, as we have just started working. A call immediately. From the other side of the “Apu Biswas I am.” Not a lie, I have to call APU. APU opened his mouth for a long time to be out of reach of everyone. News and other things up with his long-alapacarita-day Bangladesh.

Apu reports, quoting sources close to the issue, refused to directly comment on the APU. He said, “I am of my own, so I want to stay, I would like to stay as I am.” Asked him the reason behind this long, really shocked? In response, he said, “I am shocked to see the successful partnership of the screen. For this reason, at least, but our relationship is very strong. Resentment leads to a deep relationship and value. Latiye banter became words. So in our case is. For this reason, now that we are far away from one another, but it’s not forever. “Shakeeb ignore the context of marriage with the APU. According to Apu Everyone has a personal life. Though they are people of the silver screen. Therefore, there are some things that are very personal in their lives. As a result, did not comment directly about the APU.

Apu is the state of mind? APU avoided the answers. Just said ‘everything is good and bad news. What is the one thing that seemed too close to the sufferings of the aghatata. However, at the end of the day, the sun evaporates all the trouble at the Dharani, when mixed together. There is nothing to complain about. I believe I will be the case. “The words that were involved in some of the APU. To ease the situation in the context of today’s hectic asking him. He said: “Now I am worship, in front of the Durga Puja. And mother are preparing to welcome the family together. Burns blow at the heart of the busy trying to hide. Again, irritation of the deal still are. I do not want to say anything more. For now I want to stay hidden under, as his own. ”

Explore repeatedly Shakeeb prasangai moves. However, refusing to Shakib Apu. You are asking at the moment is the biggest complaint is against Shakeeb. Apu straight answer. “There is not any complaints against him. I know he’s a good man. Many simple. So it is foolish to sit. Yet so on. When calculating the results at the end of the day, when he brings in the right direction again. Shakib-APU successful partnership. Once they return home, we all pay calculations. So the goal is not to be careless with fire, and the house that burned. “Referring to his own assessment about the new APU. “I am a very ordinary girl. I do not think myself ever popular heroine. It is very common to have-I. As soon as the end of the month to 50 thousand rupees. I do not want anything more. If honor is to live well. In fact, you know what, I could easily believe people. So get over the pain. And a place to get in trouble, and now stand at nihsbasata closed. You can tell a lot of lives lost. So now become too difficult for me to take any decision. Sometimes the man’s daughter was born, he was very angry. If you do not think luck was not such a bad girl. And if the girl would have been happy to beratama, not rule-stop listening. If you did not grieve. I could easily accept all the trouble. “Said APU is overwhelming, ‘I think I’m not worthy of the heroine. So that does not count because the heroines. If the results are found to be so good just to grieve, then I’ll follow up with a better way. Do not stretch to the foot astray. I’m fine because I can still sleep next to his mother. Relatives say pride goes to the big screen without having to work so well that it just has to learn from Apu. To set himself up as an example to all the good people in my life that I received. I do not want anything. “When he returns? When you stand in front of the camera, or? Apu says, “you’re doing it as soon as you can. Then again, sunny spring afternoon on a beautiful autumn morning, and will walk the path of Bliss. ”

Apu fans are looking forward to his well-wishers. Apu all hope will be the fulfillment of a dream soon. He knew that back yard, lights-camera-action world.

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