How to get to your smart card |

How to get to your smart card

After a long wait at the Advanced National Identity Card (enaaidi) or smartcard Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the distribution program. Election Commission (EC) on behalf of the Ramna police station in Dhaka’s Uttara and Fulbari upazila of Kurigram dasiyacharara voters cards will be distributed.

EC secretary said Islam, the first of the three starting area. He will continue to work consistently. He said the Dhaka City, then not another city, then the smartcard will be distributed to district level. Finally, voters will find the district level.

Meanwhile, the EC Smart enaaidi Project Director Brig Gen Md Sultanuzzaman. Saleh Uddin said, will begin distribution of the smartcard in that area, the area can find the necessary information online voters.

In addition, by calling 105 or through SMS will be able to know when and where your smartcard.

In this case a window will open when you click on the link The place where the voter registration form number or your enaaidi slip number, date of birth, and image type, card delivery information ‘option and click. It will be there when that window, your smartcard will be no camp.

Uttara in Dhaka’s Ramna Police Station on October 3 and Fulbari upazila of Kurigram dasiyacharara voters, and the voters will be smartcard. The distribution of voters in those areas of the website you can find information from the smartcard.

In addition, they’ll know that you can call 105. Or if you want to be able to learn the necessary information without the message. The mobile message option and SC space to write the 17-digit number enaaidi. Enaaidi number of 13 digits, the first year of birth should be added. Then it will be the return message sent 105 information number.

Meanwhile, those who still did not enaaidi they will be the first space SC. The space F with the registration form to write the number. D space again, write down the date of birth in the format yyy-mmm-ddd will send 105 SMS messages. When enaaidi camp where you will be given a return message will be notified.

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