Some Useful Practices to Keep the Charge of Smart Phone |

Some Useful Practices to Keep the Charge of Smart Phone

It becomes the most irritating moment for the smart phone users when their phone’s charge is going to end very soon. That time, many of them feel that device as useless and boring too. Everyone prefers that the charge of their smart phone should continue for long time.

There are some reasons for that this device’s charge ends shortly. If users become aware of those facts and use wisely, then they will be able to hold the charge for long time. Let’s discuss about those techniques.

  1. If you use color wall paper on your phone, it contributes to end the charge very soon. As a result, it will be to use black wall paper on your smart phone to keep the charge for long time.
  2. Sometimes we use variety of apps for our works. But many times, we forget to close those apps that finish the charge quickly. So you need to close those apps properly after the work has done.
  3. You must need to update all of your important apps on your smart phone otherwise it will waste charge of your phone.
  4. To keep your phone’s charge for long time, you can keep the airplane mode on of your phone. It might disconnect you with the outer world; you can surely use those multimedia apps.
  5. It will be better if you close your WI-FI and Bluetooth when you don’t need them since these waste plenty of your phone’s charge.

You need to be mindful about those practices and hopefully, after that, you might not face any charge related problem on your smart phone.

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